Patrick Joyce

VP of Engineering at Stitch Fix.

Previously SVP of Product at Pet360 and Director of Engineering at LivingSocial.

From Silver Spring, MD. Currently living near San Francisco, CA.

January 21, 2019

An Overly Serious Analysis of Hi-Ho! Cherry-O

We bought my 4 year-old Hi-ho! Cherry-O for Christmas. It is apparently a classic game that I was previously unfamiliar with that helps children practice counting skills. The rules are simple. Each player starts with 10 cherries on their tree. Starting with the youngest player and then proceeding in age... Continue Reading »

January 9, 2019

What I Read in 2018

Here are the books that I finished this year (with my favorites in bold): January We Were Eight Years in Power - An anthology of Ta-Nehisi Coates' major essays from each year of the Obama presidency. The essays themselves are compelling and challenging but I was most intrigued by the... Continue Reading »

April 8, 2018

Interview With Me at Managers Club

I did a brief interview with Managers Club. Here's one bit about advice I give to new managers: You generally get to be a manager by being an excellent engineer. That skill doesn’t suddenly disappear when you become a manager and it’s almost like having a cheat code. You can... Continue Reading »

December 31, 2017

What I Read in 2017

Here are the books that I finished this year (with my favorites in bold): February The Daily Show (The Book) - I'm a sucker for oral histories, I've previously thoroughly enjoyed the SNL and ESPN ones. This one didn't disappoint. The talent that passed through The Daily Show over the... Continue Reading »

May 6, 2017

Managing Unmanageable Complexity

I recently spoke at RailsConf about one of the worst bugs I've ever been involved with, aviation, surgery, and how checklists can help us to deploy higher quality software, faster, and with less stress. Notes My original slides are available for download. I've created a printable version of the checklists... Continue Reading »