Patrick Joyce

Director of Engineering at Shopify.

Previously VP of Engineering at Stitch Fix, SVP of Product at Pet360, and Director of Engineering at LivingSocial.

From Silver Spring, MD.

March 5, 2022

What I Read in 2021

January Pachinko - Epic multi-generational story of Koreans in Japan. Station Eleven - Excellent. I’m not sure that reading about a world ending pandemic was great for my mental state last January. The HBO show currently airing is also beautifully shot. It is meaningfully different than the book owing to... Continue Reading »

February 14, 2021

What I Read in 2020

I read far fewer books in 2020 than in past years. Pandemic stress and the lack of commute as I moved to 100% remote work really cut down on my reading time. Looking back it also influenced my selection: a greater percentage of fiction and books about sports than in... Continue Reading »

March 17, 2020

What I Read in 2019

A little later than usual getting this up, but particularly given that everyone is staying at home with a little extra reading time—I thought I’d get my act together and share what I read last year (with my favorites in bold): January Superforecasting - Disciplined, probabalistic thinking can lead to... Continue Reading »

April 21, 2019

How to Make Crabcakes

One of the key pieces of fatherly wisdom I’ve imparted on my children is “Never order crabcakes outside of Maryland.” I’m not sure why the rest of the country can’t get them right, but they can’t. So since moving to Pennsylvania and now Californa I’ve had to step my game... Continue Reading »