Patrick Joyce

March 12, 2024

What I Read in 2023

Took me long enough to write this one up :)



  • Blindsight - This book is bonkers (in that it posits a world where Vampires are real) but was very interesting and made me reflect on the nature of consciousness.



  • Dopamine: The Molecule of More - Spanish translation
  • Hackers - Never read this before. Pretty cool stories from the people who created so much of the culture of programming.
  • Super Pumped - Spanish translation - I knew a lot of the story but not all of it. There is something resembling a greek tragedy in the story of Uber in that the things that made Travis Kalanick uniquely suited to lead Uber to success when they were upstarts combatting evil taxi monopolies (insane drive, pathological competitiveness, and a willingness to flout regulations) is also what made him uniquely ill-suited to lead a multi-billion dollar global company. This was fun to read in Spanish and pick up a bunch of startup vocabulary.
  • Echopraxia - Sequel to Blindsight. I enjoyed it significantly less than Blindsight.


  • The AI Revolution in Medicine - A team of medical doctors and researchers got early access to GPT-4 to see how it affected care. This mirrored a lot of my thoughts about the possibilities and limitations of generative AI. I am convinced widespread AI will be a society altering change, probably a bigger change than the adoption of personal computers and the internet.
  • Project Hail Mary - Spanish translation - I loved this book so much.



  • Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon - FTX is another story I’d followed and was fairly informed on but there still were a lot of absoluely amazing stories in here. I feel like Michael Lewis wrote this about as sympathetic to SBF as possible and I still read it as “he committed massive financial fraud”


  • Los Detectives Salvajes - Spanish - I spent 4½ months with with this book. I went into it pretty much entirely blank with only a vague recollection that Roberto Bolaño was a big deal when I was in Spain in 2003, died young, and occupies sort of a Spanish language David Foster Wallace niche in my mind. I won’t attempt to summarize the book, but it is very, very good. I’m glad I read it and am confident it’s going to stick with me for a long time.


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