Patrick Joyce

November 20, 2006

Obligatory Hello World

This is the obligatory hello world post. I've found that the process of writing often helps to clarify my thoughts and I think that having a blog will give me a reason to write more often. Also, I'm pretty sure that my friends have grown tired of hearing me rant about nerd stuff.

I've chosen the title because I try to be pragmatic in most aspects of my life, but especially in programming. All the process, unit testing, design patterns, arguments about languages and frameworks, and everything else we do are just means to several ends. The primary end being producing kick ass software that improves the lives of its users. Another one being producing code that doesn't make the maintainer want to gouge their eyes out with a bottle cap.

I like what I've read from The Pragmatic Programmers, and especially how they're shaking up the tech publishing business model, but this blog is in no way connected to them.

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