Patrick Joyce

May 19, 2007

Open Mic Demo Session

MasterView Template Plugin/Gem

We need to work better with designers. Can work with html files that come from desingers that then kick out the rhtml templates and partials.


Simple content Management. Canadian startup. evolved from php to ASP to ASP.Net 1.1 to Rails.

Uses FCKeditor to edit pages. They use liquid templates. Right now primarily for their own cusomers, but they are pushing it out as a public app next month.

Revolution Health Fabric

Revolution pages, personal page creation tool that they recently released.can “clip” parts of pages and can let you syndicate them as well. Uses 5 or six mudlues under the head. Can drag and drop the articles around. Has built in snap lines. Toolbar on the left side. Really amazingly cool. Can do wiki style collaborative editing, can do individual editing. Basically a way to let users create long term pages. Sneezing page ended up in the top 25 of google in a few days.



Allows you to overlay config files. packaging it up as a gem and should be on rubyforge shortly.


Borrows ideas from ML and allows you to do pattern matching.


Fair to say that original version takes about a week to setup. Shows setting up CC.rb. Takes no time. All you need to do is add a project by supplying the subversion repository. That is crazy impressive.

Group Discussion Tool around OpenID. Persistent chat. Similar to campfire.

divine caroline

Parker Thompson, Pivotal Labs

Created a CM tool that allows them to build the site. They launched on Good Morning America. They had a perf problem

They wrote a plugin to do distributed page caching. Went from 20 requests per second to 3500 across 3 app servers.


Share, view, and publish apps via mobile phones.

All web interface. RoR mobile interface as well. Created an Auto-Channel for RailsConf and

The MOle Plugin

How to figure out how your users use the app so that you can figure out who uses what. About tracking actions not events. Pretty cool.


Guy from BountySource

Javascript snippet that lets you put code on your website that produces a Google Maps mashup that shows where your hits are coming from in realtime.

Thought of App on Thursday, built on Friday, rented a server on saturday, and got dugg on sunday.

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