Patrick Joyce

May 19, 2007 Inside Out

Nick Merwin

The talk is about getting an understanding of what is going on under the hood in so that you can create your own effects.


Some of the best documentation ever.

Default document.getElementById("element_id') is really clunky. Prototype gives us $('element_id') much cleaner.

Parts of prototype tha

  • Enumerables - ruby style enumerables instead of c style iterations.
  • closures
  • Object creation - prototype gives similar to ruby. define aninitialize method that is called on new.
  • Object.extend.
  • Option parsing - pass core

A bunch of various DOM utilities that make changing code much easier.

The Animation Engine

  • time based - given start time and finish time in relation to the browser’s gettime()
  • core effects- instantiated as an object as itself. eg. new Effect.Move
  • combo effects - eg. Effect.Fade, combines other effects into one.

The power stip just crapped out, my battery is dying, and this is pretty in depth code and requires some serious concentration to follow. So no more notes.

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