Patrick Joyce

May 19, 2007

Steven Smith Keynote: "Enterprise" is not a four letter word

Steven Smith of FiveRuns

Is Rails ready for the Enterprise?

Is the Enterprise ready for Rails?

Rails is becoming the certer of an evolving exosystem. Example, last year there was no exhibit hall. This year the conference has tripled in size and there are a fair amount of companies in the exhibit hall.

He’s talking about quotes from various magazines, uptake indicators (1 mil downloads, 700,000 in the last year) Big name companies using rails.

Notable tools built with rails: 37signals, 43things, jobster, Revolution Health.

He argues that Enterprise isn’t a four letter word because it is a validation of the adoption of rails.

Ever popular monty python killer rabbit sketch. Rails being the rabbit, knights being the enterprise / enterprise web frameworks.

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