Patrick Joyce

May 20, 2007

RailsConf Day 3 Overview

Extra Action Marching Band

I wanted to go to RejectConf or the Pivotal party at Rock Bottom, but I’m just too tired so I’m giving up and going to bed.

But first, highlights of the day:

  • They’re was a crazy ass marching band playing at lunch.(See above)
  • The Sun Startup Essentials Program looks cool, def something I’ll have to check out.
  • The RailsEngine guys are doing some really cool stuff with Xen paravirtualization. I am entirely uniterested in physical infrastructure so I’m really glad that there are people who love it and are producing things that I can just drop apps to.
  • I sort of was in a conversation with Tim Bray! (OK, I wasn’t technically in the conversation because I didn’t say anything but I was standing close enough to the conversation that he felt it polite to acknowledge my presence with eye contact. That’s something… right?)

And finally, a note of thanks. Like an idiot I left my Lockheed Badge and Secure ID token sitting on the chair next to me after the keynote last night. The guy who found it made it his mission to find me and get it back to me. He eventually tracked me down via IRC. He absolutely could have ignored it and left he ID on the chair, or he could have left it at the registration desk. I’m really glad to become a part of a community where people will go out of their way to help someone out like that.

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