Patrick Joyce

July 2, 2007

Kiva Loan Repaid

Fadah Mohammad Haydery

Back in December I made a small loan to a woman in Mexico via Kiva, a really interesting P2P microfinance website.

I promised to provide updates, but neglected to ever post them. Juanita paid back the loan, in full and on time, so my money was available for withdrawal or another loan.

This time I chose Fadah Mohammad Haydery a butcher in Kabul, Afghanistan who is taking a loan to purchase a freezer to expand his butcher shop.

Finance for small business is incredibly difficult to get in this country, so I’m glad to do whatever I can . The results of poverty relief aid have not been particularly impressive over the past 100 years. Encouraging entrepreneurship in the developing world is an interesting alternative that I have a lot of hope for. If you have any extra money I strongly encourage you to lend a little of it to someone in need.

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