Patrick Joyce

October 16, 2007

Mexican HS Team Plays Texas Team in American Football

[Why We Compete](

Really interesting article with a lot of nuance. Some of the comments are truly terrifying in their xenophobia.

This article is primarily about irony. The story is definitely of the David vs Goliath type, but the roles of David and Goliath keep shifting, making for one level of irony. Here are these two schools, one rich, one poor, located in two countries, one poor one rich. The rich school from the poor country has to deal with no air conditioning and the idiotic bureaucracy of borders. The poor school from the rich country enjoys ridiculous luxuries and accommodations. The underdog wins in the end, or does he? All in all, a wonderful piece; informative, entertaining, thought provoking. This is why the world still needs newspapers. A word to the “God Bless America” crowd, not everything is about us vs them. Chill out already. \- Anonymous commenter

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