Patrick Joyce

December 22, 2007

Interview With Ian

AjaxBestiary, a site about rich internet application development, recently interviewed my business partner Ian Lotinsky.

Here’s my favorite part:

How much feedback did you actually have with your beta testers? It's largely been over telephone, a little bit over email. What it's looked like is just calling them up or sending emails saying “How's SandwichBoard functioning for you? Is there anything you're running into that's a problem? Are there any features that should be added?” So far we haven't gotten many comments about things that haven't worked or worked well. The best comment we've gotten wasn't from one of the beta testers but was instead from one of the beta testers girlfriend who was upset that her boyfriend was up til 3 AM working on his restaurant's site because he was having too much fun.

Here is the complete interview.

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